Pre-installation Info:

1. Ensure LED headlight is not broken or damaged and no scratch on the LED chips. 
2. Before purchase, please check with a sales person to confirm compatibility with your vehicle.
3. The LED headlight may not be compatible with all vehicle types.
4. Before Installing, it is recommended to ask a professional technician to install it in a professional workshop or car garage.
5. After installing LED headlight in the vehicle, please adjust the lamp axis to the correct position as needed.


If the LED headlight fails to operate, please perform the following actions.
1.Check that the power connectors are well connected.
2.Ensure that the vehicle headlight switch is in the”ON” position.
3.Ensure the vehicle battery has enough power to supply the LED headlight.

4.Change another bulb or driver to test which one was damaged.

The following conditions are beyond warranty scope.
1.Canbus problem: when replace the original halogen bulb with LED bulb,some vehicles may meet with canbus problem like light flickering etc,please connect suitable decoder to solve the canbus problems.
2.Man-made reason: man- made reason lead to broken led chip, chapped wire, user modify or repair the bulb themselves etc .
3.Installation problem: some vehicles may can not install our product because of small installation space or installation position doesn’t fit etc.
4. Natural disaster:damage because of iresistible natural disaster like earthquake, flood etc.

Defective products please contact with sales person and follow the steps:

1.Send the video to confirm if your problem meet our warranty clause;

2.Cut the wire and sned clear picture with Barcode.

3.We will send you new replacement with your order.